The Best WordPress Force HTTP to HTTPS (SSL) Plugin


Automatically redirect from HTTP to use HTTPS instead and enable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication.

Generate a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt with a single click inside the plugin.

Force SSL on your entire domain or selectively choose certain pages to have HTTPS redirections.

Automatically set up a HTTPS redirection from HTTP to the HTTPS version of URL

Scan all files across the site to solve insecure content after the SSL certificate installation

Force HTTPS on the Frontend and also Backend. Apply encryption wherever you need it

 Choose between redirecting all your domain to be HTTPS  or only certain pages or post types

Manually redirect HTTP addresses to other HTTPS URLs. Manage all via a powerful Mapping dashboard

Use handy testing tools to constantly monitor and adjust your SSL or TLS status 

Generate a free SSL certificate with a single click. This Let’s Encrypt certificate is supported by most web hosts 

Use Regex (Regular Expression) rules to match HTTP pages with with their HTTPS versions 

Enjoy the slick interface: turn HTTPS redirection on or off simply by pressing a button

Purchase The Best HTTPS Plugin

Lifetime Access

No monthly fees. You own the plugin forever

One year of support and updates

Enjoy new features and support for bugs

License for two sites

Purchase one product, receive two licenses

Perfect and FAST

Using HTTPS is necessary in today’s world with all the online transactions going on. This plugin is a perfect and FAST solution to keeping your WordPress pages secure. Great job!


Great Support

I knew HTTPS was important, but didn’t know how to adopt it until I checked the plugin. The cminds site had some resources on how to obtain the SSL certificate too, which was quite helpful!


SSL Plugin for WordPress FAQ

What is SSL? Why is it important?

SSL is a “cryptographic protocol” which protects and secures data being transferred through a computer network; this transfer of information occurs between a website or online application and a visitor.

It protects the transmission of data across all Internet assets and builds confidence with your visitors.

What are the other benefits other than security? Is there improvements in SEO?

Having a SSL certificate shows users and search engines that your site is secure.

It’s been proven that Google and other indexes rank higher pages that have a SSL certificate installed.

Do I need to have an SSL certificate to use this plugin? Does the plugin include one?

You need an SSL certificate to apply HTTPS to the site.

If you don’t have one, the plugin conveniently allows you to generate a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Can you install the certificate for me?

Yes, can install the certificate on your web hosting for $60. Please get in touch with us when you purchase the product and we will schedule the service.

Does this HTTPS plugin support multiple sites?

  Yes, you can install it on a Multisite environment, but you’ll need a separate activation licence for each.

Is there a limit to how many pages can be redirected to HTTPS?

No, there’s no limit. You can have a site with 10K+ pages and all will be shown as HTTPS. 

Can a user select which pages are redirected to HTTPS?

Yes. You can opt-out selected pages from being redirected to HTTPS and vice-versa, selecting only those which should support.

Will I stop getting insecure content warnings on my pages?

If you follow the plugin installation and tools instructions, you should not see this warning on any of your pages.

The plugin comes with tools to convert non-secure content to secure content while scanning all your files to make sure they only serve secure content.

How can we see if HTTPS is active on the frontend?

It will display a padlock icon in the address bar to visually indicate that an HTTPS connection is in effect.

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